Recently Sold Property

Under Indiana Law, real property is assessed to the deeded owner as of January 1 of the prior year. Any sale thereafter, the seller and purchaser is required to resolve the taxes between themselves. Normal procedure may be that the taxes are pro-rated and credited to the purchaser at the time of the closing. The liability may be prorated between the buyer and seller, but the taxes which arise from a delinquency attaches to the land.

If you buy a property, your closing agency or attorney must ascertain all taxes that are due and generally prorates them for payment out of the proceeds from the sale. If you are the buyer check the closing statements to see if you were credited for the taxes.

The buyer generally doesn’t net any dollars at closing and are not aware the taxes have been credited to them.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact the Treasurer’s Office at 765-342-1048 or at [email protected]

* If you have sold the property referred to on the tax bill and another person has assumed responsibility for payment, please forward the bill promptly to that person or return it immediately to the Treasurer’s Office with information as to the new owner. A delay could cause the new owner to pay a penalty for a late payment.