Redevelopment Commission

The Morgan County Redevelopment Commission (RDC) was created to enhance the economic development efforts of Morgan County. The RDC captures Tax Increment Finance (TIF), which are the revenues generated by the incremental change in assessed value within a district following its creation. The base assessed value, which is set upon the creation of the TIF, continues to flow to the underlying taxing units.

TIF Infographic - How it Works

The County has multiple Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Districts including:

  • Westpoint
  • Eagle Valley
  • Waverly
  • Henderson Ford Interchange
  • Old Morgantown Road

White River Valley Enhancement Area Map
The White River Valley Enhancement Area revised in January of 2014 shows four of the five districts.

Projects that the Redevelopment Commission have undertaken include a public-private partnership for the Old Town Waverly Park renovations and Greenway Trail as well as the Waverly Sewer Project.

TIF Plans


  • Daniel Elliott, President
  • Troy Sprinkle, Vice President
  • Jeff Pipkin, Secretary
  • Kim Merideth
  • Carole Snyder
  • Dr. Jake Allen, School Board Appointment

Dakota VanLeeuwen serves as the Commission’s legal counsel. Chelsey Manns serves as Project Manager.