Township Elected Officials

Township Trustees and Boards

A township trustee is an official with authority over civil township government.

Assistance - designated as the administrator of emergency assistance within his or her township. They are responsible for the oversight and care of all poor individuals in the township as long as the individuals remain in the trustee’s charge. It’s the trustee’s responsibility to see that township residents are properly taken care of in the manner required by law.

Fire & Emergency Services – with the approval of the board: Purchase fire fighting and emergency services apparatus and equipment for the township, provide for the housing, care maintenance, operation, and use of the apparatus and equipment to extinguish fires that occur within the township but outside the corporate boundaries of municipalities, and employ full-time or part time fire fighters to operate the apparatus and equipment and to provide services in that area.

Cemeteries – Indiana law gives the responsibility for maintaining cemeteries in the state to the township trustee.

The trustee is assisted by a three-member Township Board whose members are also elected to four year terms. Duties of the board include adopting the annual budget, serving as a board of finance and approving township contracts. In January of each year, the trustee presents to the board an annual report showing the receipts, expenditures, investments and debts of the township. The approved report is then published in the local papers for public inspection.

Trustee’s and their board members hold office for 4 years. Next election is 2022.

Adams Township

Fred Glover (R)
11983 N. Little Point Rd.
Stilesville, IN 46180
(317) 793-4028

Board Members:
Jeff Feutz (R) (765) 528-2293
Russell Wright (D) (765) 528-2797

Sue Cox

Clay Township

Bill Mitchell (R)
3411 E. Centerton Rd.
Mooresville, IN 46158
(317) 831-7313

Board Members:
Tony Burns (R) (317) 403-5086
John Phillips (R) (317) 501-7401

Charlene Pugh (R) (317) 831-1737

Ashland Township

Diana Rumbaugh
3711 N Wilson Rd.
Cloverdale, IN 46120

Board Members:
Crystal Pottorff
Kevin Wheeler (R) (765) 528-2503
Sharon Stierwalt (R) (812) 879-5639

Green Township

Jon Fletcher


Board Members:
Bart Coffey (R) 
Don Clark (R) (765) 342-3143
Billy Abraham (R) (317) 432-1298

Baker Township

David Hermann (R)
5990 W. Bryants Creek Rd.
Martinsville, IN 46151
(765) 341-0404

Board Members:
Patton Surber (R)
Kevin Boyer (R)
Jerry Hodges (R) (765) 342-6964

Gregg Township

Matt Bishop (R)
P.O. Box 32
Monrovia, IN 46157
(317) 996-6090

Board Members:
Christopher Roberts (R) (317) 439-2899
Kenny Vaughn (R) (317) 996-3707
Jena Smith (R) (317) 446-8444

Brown Township

Mark Harris (R)
471 Samuel Moore Parkway
Mooresville, IN 46158
(317) 831-1732 F - (317) 831-8697

Board Members:
William (Billy) Snyder (R) 
Eric Roberts (R)
Steven Oschman (R) (317) 437-4820

Harrison Township

Mike Jackson (R)
8990 Huggin Hollow Road
Martinsville, IN 46151
(317) 509-9115

Board Members:
Rena Whiteleather (R) 
Terri White (R) (317) 834-1025
Ashley Wright (R) (317) 366-4483

Jackson Township

Samuel (Bill) Witt (R)
5244 S. Haasetown Rd.
Morgantown, IN 46160
(812) 597-0150

Board Members:
Tom Carter (R) (765) 346-1262
Jason Allen (R) (765) 318-1931
Mark Sichting (R) (812) 597-4723

Monroe Township

Michael Gene Marsh (R)
6095 Cook Rd.
Monrovia, IN 46157
(317) 996-2920

Board Members:
Brian Stader (R) (317) 996-2212
James Kaiser (R) (317) 996-2633
Don Martin (R) (317) 694-1418

Jefferson Township

Jim Lankford (R)
112 S. Old SR 67
Martinsville, IN 46151
(765) 342-8097

Board Members:
Johnny Elliott (R)
Joe Crone (R) (765) 346-0225
Steve Myers (R)

Ray Township

Joe Ramey (R)
P.O. Box 360
Paragon, IN 46166
(765) 318-7018

Board Members:
Ron Burnett (R) (765) 537-2375
Dwight Schneck (R) (765) 346-0440
Francie Teeters (R) (765) 346-2374

Madison Township

Larry Ellis (R)
11769 N. Forest Manor Drive
Mooresville, IN  46158
(317) 937-5047

Board Members:
Nelson Hoggatt (R)
Ronnie McClure (R) 
Jim Johnson (R) (317) 831-4699

Washington Township

Kathy Taylor (R)
159 W. Morgan St.
Martinsville, IN 46151
(765) 342-6368 F-(765) 342-6685

Board Members:
Scotty Manley (R) (765) 318-0465
John Lillywhite (R)
Mae Cooper (R)