Jury Commissioner

The Jury Commissioner is the individual who processes all summonses to County residents to serve as a juror.  If you are selected for a Jury Panel, you will receive a document with instructions and a summons. If you have questions in regards to the summons you received, you should contact the court listed on your summons, not the Jury Commissioner. Helpful information for Jury Service is listed below:


Business casual. A sweater or light jacket is suggested as the courtroom temperatures vary.


You will be required to pass through security to enter the building. No weapons or firearms are permitted.


You will need to provide for your own meals. Meals are not provided unless a jury is sequestered or in deliberations. You should notify staff if you have any special dietary needs.


Child care is NOT provided. Children will not be permitted into the courtroom and you must make your own arrangements for child care.


Cell phones and personal electronic devices (laptops, tablets, etc.) are prohibited in the Courtroom and will be held by court staff during jury selection and trials. You are encouraged not to bring such devices, if possible.


Length of service is one day, or until the assigned trial is complete. You will be informed the estimated trial length when you arrive at court.


You will receive $15.00 for reporting for jury duty and $40.00 per day if you are selected. All jurors receive reimbursement for mileage at the applicable state rate.


Contact the Jury Administrator or the court office if you need any auxiliary aides and/or services.


You may park in the Courthouse parking lot that surrounds the Courthouse or on the streets adjacent to the Courthouse. The 2 hour time limit is not enforced.


Public transportation is not currently available, if you are in need of transportation contact the Jury Administrator or court staff to make arrangements.


The Morgan County Courthouse is located at 10 E. Washington Street, Martinsville, Indiana. The Courthouse is handicapped accessible and you must access the Courthouse via the south doors (facing Washington Street). Upon entering the Courthouse you should proceed to your designated courtroom. If you have questions, Courthouse security can assist you.