Food Division FAQs

Q:  What steps do I need to follow to obtain a Full-Time or Part-Time Food Permit?

A:  Print this Plan Review Application Packet and fill it out. Feel free to call with questions. Instructions are provided within the packet.

See also: Criteria for Newly Constructed or Renovated Establishments

Certified Food Protection Manager FAQ

Certified Food Protection Manager Classes

Q:  How do I get a food permit to set up at a temporary event?

A:  Determine the menu, type of structure, events you will be attending, and understand the equipment you are required to have on site. Then, contact the Health Department to speak to a Food Inspector and answer the questions posed to you before filling out an Application for a Temporary Food Permit and submitting it with your payment.

See: Temporary Event FAQs

        Requirements for Temporary Food Establishmentss

Q:  What do I need to set up a Mobile Food Unit?

A:  Mobile Food Unit General Requirements

See also: Commissary Agreement Form

Q: What happens if I am a Not-for-Profit?

A: Please See: Information Regarding Nonprofit Organizations

Q:  What are the differences between temporary, part-time and full-time food permits?

A:  A full-time food establishment permit is for a food establishment that operates year-round.

A part-time food establishment permit is for a food establishment that is open less than six consecutive months of the year.

A temporary food establishment permit is for a food establishment that is open 15 or fewer calendar days in a calendar year.  These tend to be mobile units serving food at fairs, festivals, etc…

List of Fees for Food Establishment Permits

Q: What are some situations where a food establishment is required to close?

A: Please see this letter that addresses Mandatory Closure of a Food Establishment.

Q:  What does my Employee Illness Policy need to look like and/or include?

A:  This is an example of an Employee Illness Policy. Feel free to adopt it as your own.

Sample Written Food Employee Illness Policy