Where you can find help on…

Registering to vote: The election office is located in the basement of the Administration Building

Reporting a chuck hole. Call the County Highway department 317-831-7989.

Getting a Marriage license. Go to the County Clerk’s office in the Court House.

My child(ren) joining 4-H. The Purdue Extention Service, upstairs in the Administration Building. Call 736-342-1010.

Having a speaker for my service club or organization. Call any office and they should accommodate you.

My property taxes. Payments can be made in the Treasurers Office first floor of the Administration Building.

Getting a permit to build a structure. Planning Commission, upstairs in the Administration building.

Getting a permit to build a septic system. Health Department, upstairs in the Administration Building.

Searching for genealogical records. Recorders office, main floor in the Administration Building.

The mailing address for the administration building is:

County Administration, 180 South Main St.
Martinsville, IN 46151
Court House, 10 E. Washington St. Martinsville, IN 46151

If you have an inquiry that is not here, please call 765-342-1007

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