Court Filing Information

As of May 5, 2017, Morgan County became mandatory e-filing for court cases for all practicing attorneys.  Individuals wishing to file their cases without an attorney (Pro Se), can efile or bring their filings to the Clerk’s Office.

For information on how to file electronically or to efile a case go to Efiling a Case

Court Filing Fees

Payment must be made at the time of filing, unless a waiver is requested.  For a list of filing fees and court costs, click here

The Notice of Claim form is for filing a Small Claims Case.

Notice of Claim Form

Small Claims Manual

Here are some easy instructions for filling out the form.

The Plaintiff is you; the person you are suing is the Defendant.  Maximum dollar limit per claim is six-thousand Dollars ($6,000) plus court costs.  Fill out pages 1,3, & 4 to the best of your knowledge, leave page 2 blank.   Payment can be cash, check or money order; debit or credit cards will have an additions 3% Convenience Charge by the Credit Card Processing Company.

You may also Efile your Notice of Claim here Efiling a Case

Specialized Driving Privileges

Instructions for Specialized Driving Privileges