School Board Elected Officials

Code of Ethics

A School Board member should honor the high responsibility that membership demands:

*BY thinking always in terms of children first.
*BY understanding that the basic function of the school board member is policy-making and not administrative, and by accepting the responsibility of learning to    distinguish between these two functions.
*BY accepting the responsibility, along with fellow board members, to assure that adequate facilities and resources are provided for the proper functioning of schools.
*BY refusing to play politics in either the traditional partisan, or in any petty sense.
*By representing the entire school community at all times.
*BY accepting the responsibility of becoming well-informed concerning the duties of board members, and the proper function of public schools.
*BY recognizing responsibility as a State official to seek the improvement of education throughout the State.
A School Board member should demonstrate respectful relationships with other members of the Board:
*BY recognizing that authority rests only with the board in official meetings and that the individual member has no legal status to bind the board outside of such meetings.
*BY recognizing the integrity of previous board members and the merit of their work.
*BY refusing to make statements or promises as to how he or she will vote on any matter which should properly come before the board as a whole.
*BY making decisions only after all the facts bearing on a question have been presented and discussed.
*BY respecting the opinion of others and by graciously conforming to the principle of majority rule.
*BY refusing to participate in irregular meetings which are not official and when all members do not have the opportunity to attend.
*BY working with fellow board members and the administration fairly determine the present and future education needs of the community.
A School Board member should maintain desirable relations with the superintendent of schools and other employees:
*BY striving to procure the best professional leader available for the head administrative position.
*BY giving the superintendent full administrative authority for properly discharging the professional duties of the position and the responsibility to achieve acceptable results.
*BY acting only after consideration of the superintendent’s recommendations on matters of school governance.
*BY having the superintendent present at all meeting of the Board except when his or her contract and salary considerations are under review.
*BY respecting proper communication channels, referring all complaints to the proper administrative office and considering them only after failure of an administrative solution.
*BY providing adequate safeguards around the superintendent and other employees so that they can preform their responsibilities.
*BY presenting criticisms of an employee directly to the superintendent.
A School Board member should maintain a commitment community.
*BY developing and adopting a mission and vision statement for the school corporation.
*BY conducting all school business transactions openly.
*BY vigorously seeking adequate financial support for the schools.
*BY refusing to use the school board position for personal gain.
*BY refusing to discuss confidential board business anywhere other than when attending a properly advertised board meeting.
*BY earning the community’
s confidence that all is being done in the best interests of school children.

ISBA Board of Directors  Revision: 9/10/2010

Superintendent of Public Instruction




Eminence Community School Corporation               6764 N SR 42 P.O. Box 135    Eminence, IN 46125     (765)528-2101

Adams Township                     Jeffrey Saucerman                  (765) 528-2278                2022
Adams Township                     Todd Shupe                             (317) 840-1588                2024
Ashland Township                   Jennifer Bales                         (765) 346-1327                2022
Ashland Township                   Mary Stockwell                      (765) 341-8884                2024
At-Large                                  Andrew Finney                        (317) 445-3543               2022


Monroe-Gregg School Corporation                135 S. Chestnut St.    Monrovia, IN               (317) 996-3720

Gregg Township                      Tom Kennedy                          (317) 996-3688               2024
Gregg Township                      Timothy Pridemore                 (317) 441-3243               2022
Monroe Township                   Jack Elliott                               (317) 996-2379               2024
Monroe Township                   Brock Sears                             (317) 501-0464                2022
At-Large                                  Celina Clements                      (317) 339-4333                2024


Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation      11 W. Carlisle St.     Mooresville, IN 46158  (317) 831-0950

Brown Township                     Bill Roberson                           (317) 831-1036                2022
Harrison Township                  Timothy Cummins                   (317) 441-7241                2024
Madison Township                  Matthew Saner                         (317) 412-6848                2024
Town of Mooresville               Dave Oberle                             (317) 831-1959                2022
At-Large                                  Perry King                               NO Number                      2022


MSD-Martinsville                         389 E. Jackson St.           Martinsville, IN 46151       (765) 342-6641

District #1                   Jacque Deckard           (765) 315-9318  (Wash 1, 2, 5, 6, 12)                       2024
District #2                   Don Lipps                   (317) 965-8121   (Wash 3, 4, 10, 11)                         2022
District #3                   Matt Hankins              (765) 318-0123  (Wash 7,9,14 Green 1, 2)                2024
District #4                   Heather Staggs            (317) 445-2684 (Wash 8, 13 Clay 1, 2, 3)                 2024
District #5                   Michelle Baugh           (765) 318-2888  (Ray 1, 2, Jefferson 1-3, Baker)     2022


Nineveh-Hensley-Jackson (NHJ) United School Corp   802 S. Indian Creek Dr. Trafalgar, IN 461581 (317) 878-2100

Jackson Township        Ben Swopes                 (812) 597-4986        2022
Hensley Township       Judy Misiniec              (317) 407-1401         2022
Nineveh Township       Thomas Burgett          (317) 878-2104         2024
At-Large                      Ed Harvey                    (317) 504-7030        2024
At-Large                      Gregg Waltz                (317) 694-4294         2024