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G2018 Office Detail Results

 P2018 Election Day Final Results

You must live within Martinsville city limits or Mooresville town limits to vote May 7, 2019.

Next Election : May 7, 2019– 6am – 6pm

Deadline to Register to Vote = Monday April 8th @ 4:00pm


Election Day Vote Centers
Administration Building: 180 S. Main St. Martinsville – 1st Floor
Senior Center:                   1369 Blue Bluff Rd. Martinsville
First Christian Church:   525 N. Indiana St. Mooresville
Spring Hill Church:          12150 N. Rooker Rd. Mooresville

2019 candidate information is on Secretary of State Elections website.

2018 election schedule.

2019 Election Schedule

Offices on the ballot for 2019 Election:

Mooresville                     Filed
Clerk Treasurer     Dianna Wamsley (R)
District 2     David Rogers (R), Shane Williams (R)
District 3     Mark Mathis (R), Jeff Cook (R)
District 4     Tom Warthen (R)
Mooresville Town Judge     Susan Leib (R)

Martinsville                  Filed
Mayor                Kenny Costin (R), Kevin Coryell (R), Brian Dilley (R), Tom Wallace (D)

Clerk Treasurer     Becky Tumey (R)
District 1     Phil Deckard Sr. (R)
District 2     Ben Merida (R)
District 3     Cecilia Krefft (R), Joshua Ferran (R), Blake Wilson (R), Bob Denton (R)
District 4     Chip Keller (R)
District 5     Phil Deckard Jr (R)
 2=At Large  Eric Bowlen (R), Paul Lauck (R), Gary Lester (R), Ann Miller (R)
Martinsville City Judge     Mark Peden (R)

Bethany      No Primary
Clerk Treasurer
Council: All 3 seats



Register to vote/update registration

Check out: Indianavoters.com – it is loaded with information and will have sample ballots



All you need to know about Campaign Finance

**Campaign Finance Report :  Pre-Primary Report – Due -4/22/19  reporting period dates 1/1/19-4/12/19



Election Board

Becky Waymire – Chairman

Tammy Parker – Vice Chairman

Stephanie Elliott – Secretary


Democrat Party – Tom Wallace, county chairman

Libertarian Party – Danny Lundy, county chairman – 317-440-1745

Republican Party – Daniel Elliott, county chairman – 317-517-6813

Morgan County Election Board


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Candidates Campaign Finance Reports are due 4/22 by NOON.

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Are you registered to vote in Morgan County? Are you eligible to vote in the upcoming Primary for the City of Martinsville or the Town of Mooresville? You can go to www.indianavoters.com to verify ... See more

I just registered to vote using Indiana's Voter Portal. Update voting registration, see who's on the ballot, get election results, and so much more. Indianavoters.com

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Photos from Morgan County Election Board's post


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Photos from Morgan County Election Board's post

Partial Results 10/14 Vote Centers Reporting

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Morgan County Election Board

2018 General Absentee Results

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Photos from Morgan County Election Board's post

2018 General Absentee Results

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How is the list order on the ballot determined? It isn't alphabetical.

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